Diya Welfare Foundation was founded and got registered with the Kashmir Council in June 2010. It is working for the betterment of disadvantaged women and vulnerable children. Following were the objectives of Diya Welfare Foundation at the time of inception:

·        Establishment of an Educational Institution for free Education of the vulnerable children.

·        Establishment of a Skills Development Centre for Housewives especially for Diya students & their families & then for the general public & disadvantaged ladies to help them get financially independent.

·        Teachers' professional development through seminars and workshops.

·        A drop-in Centre, Kawish Forum, for psychological counseling of masses.

·        Creating Awareness amongst the community about environmental pollution and sustainable solutions.

·        Promoting sports specially to promote positive thinking & an active life style in adolescent girls & housewives.

·        To organize conferences and symposium on child care and grooming & other important social life issues for the awareness of masses specially ladies.

·        To run an accelerated learning program for the students of (9-14 years) who have never been to school, these children will complete their primary level studies class 1 – 5 in 18 months.